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We understand the struggles and difficulties landlords face on a daily basis.  especially with the new tax laws that have come in recently, making it even harder for landlords that want to spread out their portfolio and make a decent profit. Helpful Property Solutions can help make your life easier as a landlord by taking all the struggles away from you and paying you a fixed rent on a monthly basis. We take your property on a long term lease for 3 or more years and in the end, it can be returned to you with the same or better condition than it was before. 


How we can benefit you:

– We offer a guaranteed rent for 3 or more years whether its tenanted or not

– No voids or minor repairs

– No upfront fees

– Furnish the property to a high standard

– Maintenance and cleaning teams in place to keep the property in good condition

All you do as a Landlord is sit back, relax and receive your rent without even having to be contacted. Interested and want to know more? You can contact us on email, phone or request for us to call you back and we can explain how we work.

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